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Make Over

June 23, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I came across a watercolor painting that intrigued me.  I don't exactly know why except that it was watercolor, and watercolor is my favorite paint medium (huge Andrew Wyeth fan!).  I have dabbled in watercolor, but photo artistry is my preferred medium for its endless creative possibilities.  I like to make use of original photos, drawings made in Photoshop, papers and textures, and various elements that I purchase or get free online.


With that in mind I thought it would be fun to recreate this painting that I like so much using my medium.  Here's the original painting (I can't make out the artist name or I would give attribution).



  Here is my finished image, which I call Red Blinds.



This image has more of an Americana look, and it distinctly does not have a watercolor look, but I like it, and here's how it came together.


On a new layer in Photoshop I constructed the house in the foreground with a couple of shapes using the shape tool and gave the house a slight 3D rendering.  After clipping a gray texture to the main body, a wood texture to the eaves and a brick texture to the chimney I stroked the house in black and added some shadows and paint textures to the facade to give the house a weathered look. All of the painterly textures applied are from Jai Johnson, a very talented artist from The Daily Texture.  I love, love, love her work!  Check her out.  


On separate layers I placed each window (purchased as elements of kits).  



Putting the blinds (my photos covered with a red texture) behind the windows I merged the layers so I could work with them as one unit, moved them onto the house and set the blend mode to multiply. I then merged all of the layers of the house and gave that layer a fine black stroke (outline). A final touch to the house was adding the flag. 


The houses in the background were made the same way...with the shape tool and a couple of chimneys found on the free-use site, Creative Commons...all merged, clipped with a variegated brown texture and stroked in black.  Here are the finished houses.



You'll notice that the opacity of the houses in the back is lowered somewhat to give the impression of a little distance, and because of that, when I added my cloud photo I had to inverse select the houses and mask out where they overlapped with the sky (the opacity of which I also lowered).  




    I clipped one of Jai's textures to a group of birds and placed them in the sky.



I found a very nice 3D tree on Creative Commons, and it is the final addition.  Placing it on a new layer I clipped a bark texture to it at a very low opacity.  I then added a shadow from the layer style panel and created a new layer from it so that I could manipulate its size, shape and opacity of the shadow, which I set to 60%. 




The shadow went into the sky so I once again inverse selected the buildings and masked out the shadow from the sky layer.



Signed and done!


Thanks so much for joining me today and following along.  Have a great weekend!